Darrell Case

Darrell Case grew up during a time when neighbors were respected friends and family was loved and cherished. From an early age, his imagination ran wild. He roamed the pastures and woods as an explorer and built cabins out of 10-gallon milk cans and old sheets of tin. He played alone without being lonely.
Never an "A" student, Darrell perfected the art of hiding a novel behind a textbook. While his classmates labored over equations, Darrell sailed the seven seas, climbed mountains and fought in foreign wars, all within the confines of the hot, stifling classroom. In high school, his favorite room (yes, he did make it that far) was the library. There he devoured such books as Big Red and Lad of Sunnybrook, among others. To Darrell, an author's ability to transport his or her reader to another time and place made them larger than life.
After high school, Darrell embarked on the lofty career of mowing graveyards. Spending hours alone, he dreamed of what life would hold for him. In 1994, he decided to try his hand at writing.
As with most budding authors, Darrell didn't know how to write. Despite his talent as a vivid storyteller, his lack of attention in school left him with a lot to learn about the technicalities of English usage. Published in 1996, his novel Never Ending Spring was one of the first eBooks. It sold six copies.

Never one to give up Darrell went back to the drawing board. His next book Live Life to the Fullest sold out of the first edition. Nonfiction it was used in Sunday school classes and a summer camp for youth.  To date Darrell has ten books in print was a finalist Author Academy Award and Top Shelf Indie Book Awards. He continues to write with his new thriller Killer’s Knob slated to release in 2019. Darrell and his wife Connie make their home in Peaceful Meadow Wildlife sanctuary in Central Indiana.