Darrell Case


In 1994, after returning from a mission’s trip to the Ukraine where he ministered at some of that country’s toughest prisons, Darrell received a postcard from a literary agent. The invitation to submit his work for possible publication turned out to be a come-on. However, that postcard piqued an aspiration that had lain dormant in Darrell since high school. He decided to try his hand at writing.

As with most budding authors, Darrell didn’t know how to write. Despite his talent as a vivid storyteller, his lack of attention in school left him with a lot to learn about the technicalities of English usage. in 1996, Darrell began writing for the daily devotional “Call to Glory.” A practice he continues today.

In 2009, Darrell tucked in the manuscript of his inspirational non-fiction work, Live Life to the Fullest, with some gifts his wife was sending to friends. They read it and suggested he self- publish the book. Surprisingly, the first printing sold out quickly. This inspired Darrell to publish Out of Darkness, a Christian murder mystery, followed by  Never Ending Spring, Sluagh, River of Fire and others. Today Darrell has ten books in print, His book Tales from My Back Porch ,was a Finalist in Author Academe Awards. One of his stories and his children’s book Abigail Queen of Natronia was a Finalist in NY Literary Magazine Best Story Awards.  The founders of Souls for Christ prison and jail ministry Darrell and Connie have won several awards for their work with the incarcerated .

Darrell’s time continues to be divided between jail and prison ministry and writing.