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I' m a country writer

Nov 15, 2018 by Darrell Case

I' m a country writer

  After I’ve made that statement you might be inclined to think all I write about are country themes. I am in fact a novelist writing thrillers, mysteries are my major genres. https://www.darrellcase.com/ Creating characters out of nothing but my imagination. 

Yet farming is in my background and in my blood. I grew up on the farm with milk cows, chickens (actually hens) and pigs. In the spring, my father would plant corn or soybeans in the fields north and south of the house. Some of my favorite memories were accompanying him to the feed mill to have corn ground into feed for the hogs. We fed the cows’ ears of corn.

 My grandparents on both sides were farmers. I spent my younger years roaming the woods fishing and learning to love nature. Building forts and cabins out of discarded 10-gallon milk cans and pieces of tin. Later I learned the hard things like digging a post hole in August in clay soil. Chasing the cows out of the corn with stocks so high you went by the sound of their movement. Putting up hay when the bales weighted almost as much as I did. 

At least it seemed that way. Riding the school bus with a driver named Jolly. Remembering the last day of school one year when one of the boys rode his white horse. I had always dreamed of having a white horse or any horse. The closest I came was riding one of the cows out of the lot after the milking. It was not the same. I didn’t care for it and neither did the cow.

 Today my wife and I live on land my parents purchased in 1948. 40 acres for $1,000.00 nothing in modern day prices, but a hefty amount in those times. My office is located 200 feet from the house. Several years ago Lowe’s install a full glass door overlooking the stream and woods to the north. to the south  large windows is a young forest . To the west is a path leading to the catfish pond. I equiped my writing cabin  with a heater, small refrigerator, microwave and  computer.

 Many mornings deer graze at the edge of the woods. Squirrels eat from the bird feeders. In the summer hummingbirds, fly into the office through the open window. I interrupt my writing to open the door if they can’t find their way out. The wind chimes, the sound of the birds are my only distraction from writing. Visitors are few unless you count the animals.  My dog, Abby,  lies at my feet as I write. So there you have it. I hope this explains the way I call myself a country writer.