Writing stories you love to read

Imagine That?

Nov 17, 2018 by Darrell Case

One of the greatest gifts God gives to the fiction writer is an active imagination. With it, He enables us to observe shootouts, car chases, births and deaths without leaving the confines of our office. Within our mind we solve mysteries and use words to relate these events to others. We weave stories together with the joys and sorrows of life. We experience the horror of losing a love one or the joy of the birth of a child. We experience the elation of falling in love and convey this to our readers. We write about the conflict of everyday life. We sit at our computers hidden from humankind and create new worlds and populate it with our characters.

Imagination is a wonderful asset. With it, engineers build bridges connecting cities spanning vast chasms and rivers. Architects design buildings reaching for the sky. Before a vehicle appears on the showroom floor, it was in someone’s mind. Without Imagination, we would still be living by candlelight with our only form of transportation, a horse and buggy. Every item you see in the world around you began in someone’s mind.
As writers, we transmit what we see in our minds to paper or screen. We may go over it a dozen times or more perfecting and clarifying the story. Some believe they can write the story once, and it’s perfect. If you can, you’re very fortunate indeed. For the rest of us, we labor day and night. We struggle over each word, sentence, and page. Writing and rewriting until the story flows. Or as some have put it ‘sings’.
Finally, the story is told, the book is finished. Then as our final act, we offer our novel to the reader hoping to connect with their imagination. Thus, we continue the story we first saw in our mind.