Writing stories you love to read

The joy of writing

Nov 17, 2018 by Darrell Case
Imagine getting paid for something you love to do. Something you would do for free. This how I view writing. I love giving away books. To know someone is reading the story. Reviews are a great blessing. Even bad reviews give me insight. Sometimes it is difficult to get hit that first key. On those days I go back over the manuscript. As I do excitement builds. I may rewrite a word or a phrase. As the story builds the character emerges, they began to live and breathe. To have joys and heartaches tears and laughter. They become so real I wouldn’t be surprised if they knocked on my office door. One reviewer gave a two star for Miracle at Coffeeville said my book was about death and loss. She further stated she would continue her search for the perfect Christmas book. Of course, the Christmas story is about death. The death of Christ for our sins. Yet it is also about His victory, our death and our salvation. If we look at life through rose-colored glasses, we miss out on the greatest aspects of life. In each of the stories of Miracle at Coffeeville, there is something which brings us up to the reality of life. Each time I set down to write I hope to show my reader the true view of life and the fact that God is orchestrating everything for our good. There is joy in writing. Of creating a world where our characters live breath experience tragedy, loss happiness love and victory. So keep on writing and keep on holding up a mirror up to the world.