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The life of a book

Dec 16, 2018 by Darrell Case

The life of a book

    A book is an amazing thing. It can live many years, sometimes decades or centuries beyond the life of the author. If written for The Lord, it becomes a vehicle for change in those we never meet. It may travel next door or around the world. Folks may argue and debate the qualities of becoming a Christian with another human. They can dispute its contents, however, they can try to rewrite it the printed word remains. It can become an ambassador passed from hand to hand.

How many many read The Shepherd of the Hills written by Harold Bell Wright in 1907 and are transported back to a gentler time. Or John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, published in 1678 and saw how God works in the life of His children.

It is wonderful to read these books and many others for authors long dead, yet their writing still lives.

A book may lay on a shelf untouched for years, yet the message remains the same. A tract or pamphlet may be tossed away seldom is a book thrown out unless it’s beyond repair. A well-written book can be a missionary for generations to come. A companion in time of loneliness or a help in time of need. A book can bring you closer to God. Fiction or nonfiction, the Christian writer is a missionary, a purveyor all that is good. An extension of themselves extolling the name of Christ. Toiling not for wealth or fame, but furtherance the kingdom of God. And someday many years after the author is gone the book that he writes, will still speak for The Lord.