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The thread that runs so true

Nov 17, 2018 by Darrell Case

 Some of the best novels I read were confusing in the beginning. They seemed to be disjointed. They started in different locations, perhaps years or generations apart. The characters ion the story appeared to have no relationship to each other. If this is a new author or an unfamiliar one, you may be tempted to put the book aside. Yet you persist. You wade through the pages wondering where the author is going. What was the writer thinking as he or she wrote this narrative’

It may be on page 50 or 100 you start to see a coalition in the parts of the novel that before appear to have no connection. Now the author weaves together the different threads until they become one.
As the story nears a conclusion, it becomes clearer and more evident what was thought to be rambling was the true story in separate parts. All the threads are now one and stronger and perceptible.
The author like an artist paints the picture with assorted colors, looking as if they are no part of the whole painting. As with the artist when the book is complete, it becomes a representation of what the writer saw in his or her mind in the beginning.
As authors we must keep in mind the true thread of the story. There are plots and subplots. Various threads run throughout the novel. However, we hold them in our hands weaving them into the one true thread and with this we tell the story.