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Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale
SKU: 978-1513638935


                                                          Over 105,000 read

Abigail Queen of Natronia Adelaide Voices Literary Award for Short Story finalist for 2018

                     What if you discovered the woman you loved was an ogre?

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Tales From My Back Porch
SKU: 978-0692882054

 Tales from My Back Porch one of ten finalist in Author Academy awards.
Be transported back to the enchantment of our wonderful back porch
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Hands of The Father
SKU: 978-0692787748

 Caught in a murderous web 10-year-old Globe Jackson must kill his father or be killed.

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Deadly Justice
SKU: 978-1508592341

What if the most powerful man in America was a serial killer?
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Miracle at Coffeeville: And other legends of Christmas
SKU: 978-1502402332

  Seven stories that celebrate the hope, magic, and the true meaning of Christmas bundled together in one volume. 
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River of Fire
SKU: 978-1499590531

They murdered the last pastor and if Adam doesn't cooperate, he will have to die too.
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SKU: 978-1492815426

Searching for a new pastor Waynesburg’s Baptist Church chooses a demon possessed serial killer.

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Never Ending Spring
SKU: 978-1481054478

Never Ending Spring is a 2019 Top Shelf  magazine Indie Book Award Nominee.

A madman is killing people in Elm grove Indiana and jack Johnson believes he is the cause of the murders 


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Live Life to the Fullest: Enjoying the life God intended for you to live
SKU: 978-0615356648

Don’t miss the Biblical principles laid out in this wonderful book


Live Life to the Fullest is a great foundational book for anyone who is looking to enjoy this wonderful life that God has given each of us. Bro. Darrell Case does an excellent job of making this book comprehensive in creating and organizing a life that not only glorifies God but also makes life enjoyable.  If you are looking for more out of your life, don’t miss the Biblical principles laid out in this wonderful book.”

Dr. Mike Norris, Pastor

Franklin Road Baptist Church

Murfreesboro, TN


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Out of Darkness
SKU: 978-0615601861

What would happen if you found out your beloved pastor was living a lie? David Padgett is charged with one murder and quickly becomes the suspect in several others. 

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