Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale
SKU: 978-1513638935

From the moment Abigail is born, it is clear that any beauty she possesses must be on the inside. Abigail's face and body are deformed, so much so that the nurses cover her so she won't frighten the other patients. Bullied in school and shunned by the people of her village, Abigail nevertheless sees the good in life. 
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Tales From My Back Porch
SKU: 978-0692882054

In the evening, the back porch of the country home took on an aura of enchantment. As dusk settled and the lamp was lit, children wandered in from their play to sit on the floor or snuggle in their parents' laps. Glasses of iced tea were refilled and someone would settle back, look up at the stars and say, "I remember when..." 
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Hands of The Father
SKU: 978-0692787748

Are serial killers born with gene that controls their life? Or is there some incident in their childhood that makes them murderers? Taylor Jackson is about to find out and the results are deadly. 
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Deadly Justice
SKU: 978-1508592341

Eighteen women are dead their bodies found floatingin the Potomac. The case grows cold now it is about to turn red hot. 
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Miracle at Coffeeville: And other legends of Christmas
SKU: 978-1502402332

  Seven stories that celebrate the hope, magic, and the true meaning of Christmas bundled together in one volume. 
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River of Fire
SKU: 978-1499590531

Victoria cringed into the background. Shecouldn't believe her ears. Surely, they didn't mean her. 
"Someone must have put it in there. I didn't do it. Billy, tellthem."
"Some time in the pokey; depend on how far ye want to carryit," Maples snuffed his heavy mustache, thoroughly enjoying her discomfort.
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SKU: 978-1492815426

As a child, Max Furman is abused at the hands of his mother. Numerous times, she tells him she should have smothered him when he was an infant. He is unloved and unwanted. The abuse and neglect deadens his heart. When his sister Katie is born his mother dotes on her the love he craves. His hatred for his mother peaks one afternoon when he is fourteen. As Katie is sleeping, he smothers her. His sister becomes his first kill. 

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Never Ending Spring
SKU: 978-1481054478

The Murder of his daughter and son in law causes Jack Johnson's anger for God to spin out of control.  Jack cannot understand how a loving God can cause so much misery.
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Live Life to the Fullest: Enjoying the life God intended for you to live
SKU: 978-0615356648

Do you enjoy life? Do you look forward to the morning? Live Life to the Fullest will inspire you to face each day with joy in your heart. This little instruction book will guide you to the Scriptures which prove God wants you to enjoy life
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Out of Darkness
SKU: 978-0615601861

David Padgett's success haunted him. A deep-seated fear gripped his heart. He felt as if he were teetering on the edge of a bottomless chasm. One step in the wrong direction and he would plunge into a darkness so deep he could never return.  A sense of loneliness and despair besieged him.

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