Deadly Justice

Deadly Justice

Published by Leaning Tree Christian Publishers
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Eighteen women are dead their bodies found floatingin the Potomac. The case grows cold now it is about to turn red hot. 

Dogged by the memories of her murdered family FBI Agent Alison Steven Assigned s is   to the case, Alison is fleeing her own demons.
In the course of the investigation Alison uncovers the truth.. Jerald Robbins the President of the United States is a serial killer. The Secret Service has no idea they are protecting a monster. As she gets to close Alison is framed for the murder of her partner. Now she must elude the law and the vicious assassin hunting her. She fights to survive, clear her name and bring Robbins to justice. 

 But time is running out  

paperback | 276 pages | $12.98US | 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches | 978-1508592341 | March 20, 2015