<span>Never Ending Spring:</span> Never Ending Spring<span>Never Ending Spring:</span> Never Ending Spring
Never Ending SpringNever Ending Spring

Never Ending Spring

Published by Leaning Tree Christian Publishers
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The Next shot shattered the windshield coming within inches of Jack's right ear.  Whipping the truck back into a southbound lane he accelerated as semi roared by, its air horn screaming.

The Murder of his daughter and son in law causes Jack Johnson's anger for God to spin out of control.  Jack cannot understand how a loving God can cause so much misery.
  Because Of his interference in the investigation, another person is murdered. Now the killer sets his sight on Jack's wife Ruth and their granddaughter Emily. . As Jack hunts for the murderer, another pursues him. The Holy Spirit will not let go of the one who is the object of so many prayers. Will God answer Jack's wife's and granddaughter's prayers in time to save his life and soul?

paperback | 216 pages | $12.95US | 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches | 978-1481054478 | November 27, 2012